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Review: Pro Camera Waterproof Cover Rain Coat for Digital SLR...

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  • Review: Pro Camera Waterproof Cover Rain Coat for Digital SLR...

    Because I sometimes get caught out shooting on a tripod when it might rain or the camera might otherwise get wet (e.g. sea spray) I decided to purchase a relatively cheap waterproof rain cover for my DSLR to take for those times when I might need it.

    After a little online searching I decided to get this Pro Camera Rain Waterproof Cover Coat for Digital SLR from eBay for just under AUD$18 delivered.

    The cover folds up into a very nice small (fist sized) bundle which is easy to put in my camera bag when I need it but has a number of useful features which make it more ideal for my intended use and the type of shooting I do.

    - has a double side zip opening at the bottom to allow you to place it over a camera on a tripod
    - has a clear top and back area allowing visibility of the camera, controls and LCD's
    - has draw string side sleeves allowing you to safely put your hands and arms in to control the camera
    - has a draw string front hole which extends out over the lens barrel - so you can pull it tight out near the front of the lens
    - it also has a built in stiff lens hood piece with velcro on both sides so you can wrap it around your lens out near the front with a bit of a roof piece at the top so it can shield the front of the lens and the front element from rain
    - it also appears to be quite well made

    I've used it a couple of times now with no issues - yes it's a bit more cumbersome and clumsy than without using it but it sure beats the heck out of having your camera and lens in the rain. The only negative for me so far is that when it is raining and it's dark it can be a little hard to see the screen through the clear back plastic.

    Basically this thing is very cheap (under $20) for what you get and appears to be the same as other much more expensive models I found online. It is still a little more expensive than some other items I also found in my search, however they looked to be more like a very thin disposable plastic raincoat/bag.

    ... and if you'd like to avoid the whole $20 expense thing you could always make your own DIY Rain Guard For Your Camera From An Old CD Spindle.

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    Looks like a good solution for casual use.
    The only comment I would make to any user is to make sure that the dry the unit thoroughly after it gets wet and to make sure that they give it a good wash if it's exposed to salt spray. The clear plastic parts have a habit of fogging up with grime if they are noy cleaned and dried properly between uses.


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      Good idea to tape a couple of sachets of silica gel on the inside of the bag where they are unlikely to get broken by handling. Condensation can be a real problem when taking sealed equipment between outside and inside in humid/damp condtions.
      It's the little things!

      Cheers, Greg C.