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    As I was sort of kind of out near my little project again decided to go for a quick look to see what she looked like inside I looked into the broken windows the timber of this old girl is amazing the high ceilings would have given this house a feeling of space love high ceilings how ever I really don't think I will be going inside when I go back for the real shoot now its just does not look safe to me so I ll just have to make do with what I can looking though the broken windows but now have come up with more to figure out how to get the top of door though the window. I can't get down low and shoot up as I am on the outside of the house I tried placing my camera one different angles but just could not get it all in. Even using the shortest end of my 18-55 I was shooting at 22mm crop this is the shortest lens I own is it possible to get the height of the door way as well as the width of the room or will I have to suffer I can't do it in PP I just don't have the skills to do it your thoughts much appreciated

    46 by Sandy De Jong, on Flickr

    The other photos here will give you a sneak peak at what I am aiming for here

    The window that is the closet is the window I took the above photo from I do intend on doing all windows and doors of this out because I am aiming for a print with the inside of the house as inserts in the main photo of what will be the full outside of the house if you get what I mean

    47 by Sandy De Jong, on Flickr

    And this is from one of the windows from the front of the house I just can't get that height needed here

    45 by Sandy De Jong, on Flickr
    All Experts at anything were once beginners

    MWAH Sandy

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    I love this type of image Sandy - well done on all 3. #1 and #3 could do with a bit of lightening up. To get the whole room with 18mm you only need to take a few shots to stitch together with ICE software. It's free and it's easy.

    "Don't touch". Must be the scariest thing to read in braille!

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      Yes its also getting the lighting in there maybe I could use my hot shoe flash and bounce it I did not know about the software so ill have a look thank you so much like I said this was a test shot just to see what I could do with this baby I have permission as I said in my other post thank you again Isac
      All Experts at anything were once beginners

      MWAH Sandy


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        Nice Sandy, I love these! I look at how far you have come with your photography over the last couple of years and it makes me smile!
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          Lloyd thank you so much it was because of the help from this forum I have come so far still long way's to go but this baby needs to be shot and shot right I have downloaded the software ICE that Isac has suggested for me to use to stitch it I would love to go inside but I dare say if one of those big beams come down and hit me on the noggin I would be there for a long time if I was unable to get back to my car as its of the main road and set back a fair bit but really want to make this come to live if I can do that. This is what I love this is where I started when I first got my DSLR some 3ish years ago now. This is what I want to do I want to try and preserve these buildings homes and buildings that were once were the home of a family. The way I see it and maybe not in my time all it would take is a bush fire to come through and they are gone forever but with the photos they will still be seen. So really do need to find out how to get the height of the room in
          All Experts at anything were once beginners

          MWAH Sandy