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    Mockup Fun with Photshop

    For those of you that want to add another string to your creative bow, you might want to try creating a MOCKUP.
    A mockup is a way to show your design as it would appear in a real life situation.
    Some uses would be: a book cover, a pile of business cards or to see your photo in different frames - often used by framing galleries.
    So, instead of seeing your layout as a flat image, you can show it off as it would look as a finished product.
    Mainly used for advertising and web presentations. Below are some samples of mockups to show their use.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mockups-x-3.jpg
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ID:	30548

    For this tutorial, it will be very basic, but contain all the elements needed to create a mockup.
    I will draw a simple blank cardboard box and place a contents label on the visible parts of it.
    To start off, open a new document and draw the box. (you can also use photos for authenticity).

    Fig-1 Cardboard Box.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SO-1.jpg
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Size:	98.5 KB
ID:	30543

    Next, design the label as a new document. Save it as a JPG and close it. Now DRAG the JPG onto the Box document and press ENTER to place it.
    Resize the label (holding SHIFT to retain proportion) to a size that would fit the box.

    Fig-2 Resized Label.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SO-2.jpg
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Size:	129.5 KB
ID:	30544

    We need to copy the Label shape to a new layer as this will become our "Smart Object" later on.
    To do this, select the Background layer and then click the ICON of the LABEL layer. This will select the label shape.
    Press CTRL+J to copy the Label shape to a new layer called "Layer 1".
    DELETE the Label layer and move "Layer 1" to the top.

    Now, RIGHT-CLICK on the "Layer 1" name and select "Convert to Smart Object".
    Next, copy the "Layer 1 " Smart Object TWICE with CTRL+J so we now have 3 layers, one for each part of the box.
    Move each layer to the three parts of the box (front - side - top) and reshape them to fit the box parts.
    To reshape the Label layers, hold the CTRL key then select a corner and drag to the shape required.
    If you need to re-select the shape to adjust it, click once on one of the item handles.

    Fig-3 Re-configuring a shape.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SO-4.jpg
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Size:	123.0 KB
ID:	30546

    Now the fun part - placing the labels onto the box.

    Double click on the "Layer 1" icon.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SO-5.jpg
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Size:	3.3 KB
ID:	30542

    This will open a new document with the ".PSB" extension.
    Now drag the "Label.JPG" file into the workspace and press ENTER to place it.
    Re-size it if you need to, to fill the shape of "layer 1".

    When you have done that, you can now close the “.PSB”. To do this, select File > Close (Ctrl or Opt + W) or click on the ‘X’ at the top of the the currently opened file. You will then be asked to save the “.PSB” file, so click “OK”. The file is saved into the “TEMP” folder. (don’t change this location).
    After you close and save your “.PSB” file, you will return to the original file and now see your label displayed on all three sides of the box.
    As we COPIED the 1st created "Smart Object", the label will have the same content in all "Smart Objects".
    To use different images in the same mockup, you will need to create a NEW "Smart Object" layer for each image.

    Fig-4 The finished Mockup.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SO-6.jpg
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Size:	179.2 KB
ID:	30547

    Thanks for looking. There are thousands of free Photoshop mockups via Mr. Google if you feel so inclined.

    There are 3 Mockups you can play with on my website. Go to the Mockups and Tutorials page from the Free Actions page.

    Free TIP if you want to use bulleted text. Click on the line you want to edit.
    Press the Alt key and type "0149" to insert a bullet point in the same font as the rest of the text in the block.
    (Mac users, press Option-8 to insert a bullet point.)
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