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Probably a really simple answer... but... wondering about shutter speeds & OC light

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  • Probably a really simple answer... but... wondering about shutter speeds & OC light

    On a recent Formal session we were on location, my lighting was all set up normally. My camera settings were average, F3.2 1/250 (the sync speed) iso 200... it was getting fairly dark, however for some reason my cameras curtain (i think its called) was not coming closed or open whatever it does in time on some shots. So some of the photos were half bright half dark, but then i didn't change settings and the next photo was fine. Is this an operator error, or something else going on?

    It has never done it to me before though. (unless i had accidently moved the shutter speed above 250 without knowing)

    i thought it might have been my flash not powering up in time, but that wasn't it, it fired normally.

    so it is probably something really simple but any advice would be lovely
    or ....?

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    Sounds like you are seeing the shutter curtain in the photo. If you still have the images why not look at the exif and see what the setting actually were. You may find that they are different from what you think they were.


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      How are you triggering your lights? I used to get this a problem like this with the cheap ebay wireless triggers, first it started out just being week batteries but eventually the problem would persist even with new batteries.


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        both comments above is great advice. l think it could be the triggers as well?
        let us know of the outcome?


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          hmmm could be the triggers, though i have had a couple of sessions after and has not happened again...

          and yep the shutter curtain is what i mean lol
          or ....?


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            From experience its the triggers, Angel.

            With 'budget' triggers, sometimes they will not trigger fast enough and hence you see the shutter curtain in the frame.

            When this happens again, try lowering your shutter speed from the max sync speed (say, 1/200s) to 1/160s or slightly lower.

            See how ya go...



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              If it's getting dark, you should be 'dragging the shutter'!!

              My indecision is final, I think.