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    Hi, I have borrowed a friends Sigma Ef-500 for my Canon 60D. How do I get this to work on my camera? As in what settings do I put my camera on? I've read on places that this flash isn't compatible with my camera..but it fires when I take a photo...I just have no idea what settings to put my camera on.

    Thanks if you can understand this embarrassing question.


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    According to a couple of things I have found on the web it is supposed to be TTL compatible so just put your camera in P (Program) mode and take some shots and see what they come of like to start with then adjust from there is you have to.


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      Just because it fires does not mean its compatible - just sayin...
      I Use Nikon Gear


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        so how do I find out if it's compatible?


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          Originally posted by mangii View Post
          so how do I find out if it's compatible?
          Manda, to find out if it's compatible, try it! Take some photos and see what happens. For example, try bounce flash indoors. Set the camera to MAN, shutter to about 1/100, f5.6, ISO try 200, 400 to capture some of the ambient light. I'm assuming indoor, night, ordinary lighting.

          Take a series of shots, various focus distances, and see how it performs. Check for consistency. Is one shot blown out, while another similar one too dark?

          I Googled it and briefly had a couple of interesting reads. I'm sure there are more.


          My indecision is final, I think.


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            Thanks Charles...should i change anything on the flash? in settings? I'm just playing around with it atm. It seems to blow things out.


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              I set the flash to TTL and it didn't blow it out to those settings, I just bought my iso down a bit. If I take a photo without the flash on those setting it's underexposed. I'm taking photos of kids in probably yuck indoor light. So I need to have my manual settings on something that will not blur if the kids move or something. I think it will be ok. If I play with the zoom on the flash it blows out if I just keep playing I be able to work it out. Thanks.


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                Have you tried downloading the user manual from Sigma? It may give you a few tips on the flash operation and controls.


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                  yeh I'm reading it now K1W1...slowly deciphering it. I need one for dummies.


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                    Using manual , set your shutter to the flash sync ( my D90 syncs at 1/60 and 1/200 sec ) set different apertures and fire away to see what happens .
                    try direct flash , bounce flash , if you can adjust the power on the flash , try that also


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                      Manda, have you deciphered the manual yet?

                      If yes, how are you going with playing?


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