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Sometimes I get very despondent, other times I get angry -

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  • Sometimes I get very despondent, other times I get angry -

    G'day all

    As many know I am touring Tassie at the moment, prior to going back to the 'north-island' very soon

    Yesterday we did a boat cruise up one of the unlogged rivers on the north-west coast, great cruise, great pics to come soon - but...
    Amongst my fellow passengers was a young couple sharing a nikon dSLR ~ their christmas present to each other

    Neither had much idea of the how-to's, so I showed them a couple of things they can do with it on 'auto' mode

    What angered me was that they mentioned going into their local "shop selling cameras", stating that they wanted something to take better photos than their phone-cam, and came out with this bluddy thing with its 18-55 lens

    The fella saw my images - using the full zoom I have on the Panny, and started asking questions - said he really wasn't interested in the 'mechanics' of photography, but would like to be able to 'make the photo bigger' like I could ~ so I was left with suggesting he looks at an 18-200 or somesuch. But I knew that this was still more money for them that argueably they might not have

    Why the photo retailers persist in selling 'bluddy-amateurs' a dSLR with a basic 3x zoom lens as a $750+/- package I don't know
    I do know that all-too-often it is not the answer the customer is after, but the customer doesn't know what to ask for either. The number of times in our photo workshops that people see Alayne's Lumix FZ with its all-in-one zoom lens + it's light & easy to use etc etc ~ and comment that they wished the shop would have shown them something like this ...

    I feel that our photo retailers must get into training all their staff - both casuals & full-timers in helping the customers ask the right questons and offering the 'best' choice of cameras as an answer. Just selling them a real-basic dSLR with a menu system that needs skills to work out, is not the way to go

    Grrrrrrrrrr !
    > Offers Digital Photography workshops in outback eastern Australia
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    couldn't agree more some of the sales staff haven't got a clue thats why i go to places like TEDS, DIAMOND CAMERAS,CITY CAMERAS i know that i may not get the cheapest price but they know what their talking about


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      It pays to go to a shop that has knowledgeable staff for sure. People who can suggest a range of options.

      Camera sales are apparently down this season. P&S as well as DSLRs, with mirrorless cameras rising in popularity.

      Blame the iPhone!

      My indecision is final, I think.


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        Guess they go with the best profit margin!
        It's the little things!

        Cheers, Greg C.


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          Originally posted by seaslug View Post
          Guess they go with the best profit margin!
          Especially if they are on a commission. My son worked for HN for a while and said they also get bonuses from manufacturers for hitting certain sales numbers, so if they are likely to hit that number they will steer you towards that particular brand. The idea of a salesman selling someone what they need is a bit naive.


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            And let's not forget about all those "Customers" who enter into the store half-cocked after reading then 'misunderstanding' the many varied views on forums similar to this, they can only 'retain' what they believe to be right, so off they go.....

            Now armed with their new knowledge they stroll into the shop and try their best to impress the staff .... Salesperson thinks "Not again"... rolls his eyes then reaches for the 'High end, high margin...slow moving item' and quickly sends them on their merry way...easy sale.

            Victim/annoying customer then leaves happy and ready to take on the world but then shortly realises his/her error. So next stop, befriend a person who obviously looks like he knows what they're doing and would be willing to let them pick their brains, easy fix...

            I'm sure there are some who persevere with their initial "not so informed" purchases and become a better photographer after a nudge in the right direction; but I'm positive there are 1000's of cameras out there gathering dust because it's "All too hard" and now wish they'd done more research.

            Caveat emptor /ˌkæviːɑːt ˈɛmptɔr/ "Let the buyer beware"

            “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams
            CC always welcomed, feel free to post your ideas with an edit if you have time - Thanks.


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              G'day all

              Thanks everyone for your replies

              I guess also that this unhappiness of mine has been coming & going for the last few years coz I have seen too much of it first-hand ... and here it was again

              1) 3-4 yrs ago in HN Canberra, I was waiting for my missus as she was putting some inages thru the printshop, and listened in to a sales effort with a young mum
              salesgirl - what are you after?
              young mum - something to take nice photos of the baby [6~9 month old baby in pusher]
              sg - you need a good camera that gives clear pictures and where you can use it on auto till you get used to it, then go to other settings after that
              ym - okay ... what do you suggest?
              sg - this nikon + 2 lenses kit ... you can change lenses to get a bigger photo when the children are out in the back yard [!!!!! the baby is still in the pusher]
              ym - how much is is?
              sg - tells price
              ym - oh we can't afford that
              sg - no problems .... here's a flexirent card where you can pay it off
              ym - walked out of shop reading the card

              I freaked out and walked away before exploding

              2) 2 yrs ago had a workshop student arrive with a canon 5Dii + 3 lenses + flashgun in a shoulder bag
              she said she wanted a 'good' camera that would slip in her handbag for an overseas holiday coming up soon ~ hubby bought it all thinking he was doing her a good deal

              3) multiple people who have been sold one of the Ca-Ni-Tax-ony twin lens kit systems for happy snaps, who upon seeing Alayne's Panasonic FZ state that if they knew about fixed-lens superzooms they would have bought one - as all they are doing is family snapshots for the photo album / computer screen /tv etc

              Grrrrrrr !
              > Offers Digital Photography workshops in outback eastern Australia
              > recent images at