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white browed scrub wren

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  • white browed scrub wren

    was up the mountains a couple of weeks ago (before the current dud weather) at a place called murphys glen. generally saw a bunch of nothing. few hundred cockatoos. currawong or two, but this guy was haning around our stuff. obviously used to scabbing stuff left by visitors. mostly too close for pix. put the 200-500 on cos it can focus down to 2.2 m for any chance of a shot.
    low light meant that at 1600 iso you were only getting 1/200 or so max. not really enough to freeze twitchy little birds. but a few were sharp when it stopped for a second or so.

    d4 200-500 f5.6 @ 500mm 1/250 f5.6 iso 1600
    about 60 percent of frame

    this one in slightly better light, but dud angle looking down etc

    d4 200-500 f5.6 @ 250mm 1/160 f5.6 iso 1600
    about 60 percent of frame
    Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter

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    Very detailed shots Stephen. To us mere mortals the angles are not a problem - you have still captured a lovely pose and the eyes are spot on.

    "Don't touch". Must be the scariest thing to read in braille!

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      Beautiful little bird. Usually can't get close or get them still long enough!
      It's the little things!

      Cheers, Greg C.


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        thanks folks. I always try to put focus on the eyes. you can cop some other details soft a bit, but not the eyes.
        Greg: I have never has such an accommodating scrub wren. very often it was within grabbing range. it moved when I did though. normally you may need 1000mm or so to get these things full frame, cos the 600 focuses down to 4.7 m and at that range they not big in the frame without the tc.
        that new walkabout tele nikon lens does 2.2 almost gives you macro capability. hehehe but the other thing is that due to you beaut modern design, it is super sharp
        Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter


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          Wonderful friendly little birds that often come too close for a shot. Good poses and the angle in the second doesn't worry me too much. These look nice and sharp for the shutter speeds used.

          One of the the best shot I have of one was taken with a 150mm macro lens. We were on a bushwalk and they were hopping around right beside the track. I actually had time to change lenses and get a few shots.
          Alan W

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            Cranky looking birds

            I've had them walk through my legs while trying to take their photo

            I'd be happy with either of those photos

            Still trying to make the ordinary look extraordinary

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              I had this guy doing the same thing. normally I see em flitting between bushes laughing at me. happy to get a few pix
              Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter


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                Love reading about the effort you make to get these shots.
                Remind me of Oscar the Grouch these birds.
                I like the thought you put into developing the environment in that first image.
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                Haven't been there, not done that.


                • avkomp
                  avkomp commented
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                  dont know anything about that, just take pix when the stop moving............

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                Special shots of special Birds.
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