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sunset in local park

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  • sunset in local park

    a couple of weeks ago I was walking in the local park just to get step count up so no cameras and as the sun went down there was one of the most spectacular sunsets I had seen in a while.
    contemplated running back home for some gear but figured that it be over by then so just said some silent curses and kept walking. a few minutes later I recalled my phone and wondered how it might handle the scene. pulled out the phone, dialed up hdr mode and got this. the best of it had gone by the time I figured out that I had a camera after all.
    the phone is responsible for the vignette. the shot was ok out of camera but I popped the contrast a bit in photoshop for what you see here.

    phones sure have come a long way in a few years. ( remember when you just used em to call people
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    Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter

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    Looks good Stephen. Very unusual indeed - like a laser show only not as intense. I still use my phone for texting and calls, so we troglodytes still exist. I still use my old fashioned 7D for photos. Thinking of getting the new 80D for my new toy.

    "Don't touch". Must be the scariest thing to read in braille!

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      Nice! The camera in my phone is crap so I'm stuck with using a camera... and a drone!
      It's the little things!

      Cheers, Greg C.


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        thanks folks, the rays looked way more intense some 5 mins earlier. can only imagine what the dslr may have recorded. the s7 phone camera seems quite good overall. handy if you need a pic inside a server rack or something. I rarely use it of course, you forget that the talking box in the pocket can take pix
        Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter


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          Looks like it would have been impressive - not bad as it is.

          56 or my last 62 photos posted on Flickr and then here were taken with my iPhone. A few birds, bugs and lightning required the DSLR - and a couple with the Drone

          Still trying to make the ordinary look extraordinary

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            for happy snaps and a bit more, our phones probably replacing the point and shoot cameras that people used to carry
            Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter


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              Looks good to me and much better than no shot at all. It must have been a spectacular sunset if this is after the best. I also tend to forget about the phone camera if I'm caught without the DSLR.
              Alan W

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