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A Lttle Trick For Flower Photographers.

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  • A Lttle Trick For Flower Photographers.

    Ever taken a flower shot that was spoiled by an untidy background or uneven light coming through the foliage? I know I have. Here is a little trick I came up with to isolate the flower from the rest of the plant without having to pick the flower.

    Take a sheet of A4 paper ( I use coloured paper but white works as well), cut a small hole in the center with a trimming blade then make one neat cut from the hole to the edge of the sheet.

    Now wrap the paper around the plant until the stem is in the center hole. There you have a nice clean background free from uneven light and unsightly distractions.

    Once you have your shot use the clone tool to hide the join in the paper and there you are, all done.
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    Thanks for that tip Dave, it always seems that the nicest blooms are those with the messiest/busiest backgrounds, i never thought of doing anything like this ..
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      Great tip Dave.

      I like photographing orchids and stuff around the yard, but as you said, sometimes you just can't get the backgorund right.

      Will try the slash in the cardboard trick nest time.

      I think I'm confused. No wait, maybe I'm not...

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        awesome tip -- i have been doing my head in wondering how people blacked out their flower backgrounds (without ripping them off and going inside)

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          Thanks guys,
          You could use just about any material you want I suppose, it doesn't have to be paper. I use paper as it is cheap and readily available.


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            Nice tip, Thanks for sharing..........


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              Great tip! Going to try this, thanks.
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                wow never thought of that one before... thanks so much Dave! you should do this more often!
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                  wow never thought of that one before... thanks so much Dave!
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                    Love this idea which you have chose to pass on to those of us that like to do these shots.
                    Thank you so much I know I will be using it in the futrue.


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                      I found this forum very interesting. I like it.


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                        Great idea!! Have to try it.... Thanks!
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                          It wasn't that long ago when I was doing a photo thing with friends with facebook.
                          If became a kiss arse thing as no one was allowed to tell the truth, so I got out of it.
                          But while I was there I explained to them about this method.
                          Would you believe it but I had to show them photo by photo of all the stages to get the shot.
                          Talk about being thick and 2 short planks nailed together.
                          But it is a great tip and I have used it more than once.


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                            This is an old sticky; maybe someone with the mods help could put some accessible photos in the first post

                            seeing the flowers are coming out maybe this could become the "flower photography tip" thread
                            Cheers for now, IanB.
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                              LO COL; where have most of those who added a post gone?
                              Cheers for now, IanB.
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