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    I wonder why we don't have these things bigger? Not complaining mind you. Not sure if moving the position of the fly by cropping wouldn't look better.
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      Yeah , I didn't nail the composition , a shame ... Especially since I nailed the focus .. What are you going to do ?
      I don't crop ! , I did crop a few years ago ( ? ) maybe 4 years ago ? But I found it a horrible hindrance to developing my Macro skills ..
      Cropping very quickly became a crutch . ( For me ) So I had to throw the crutch away .
      So for good or bad , I don't crop . The picture is the picture I take .


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        G'day fellas

        Two things come to mind ...
        a) I'm buggered as to how you get these subjects ... the little buggers fly away when I try to get real close, and
        b) cropping - often I find that the image appearance can improve sometimes dramatically with a change of format

        In this case, via a small scrolling movement to take the fuzzy yellow leaf out of the frame, the subject then jumps out with greater clarity
        This changes the format / aspect ratio from 3:2 to about 2:1 .... thus cropping might do something here ??

        Just thoughts - try it if you wish
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          I'm with Phil. Cropping is just a part of the process, which we all do to present our images in the best possible way. I know you don't want editing of your works by other members but I don't think this is actually editing. It's the only way to show that cropping is not all bad. I hope you don't mind - if it's not OK, let me know and I'll remove the post. Your Photoscape program has an excellent crop tool BTW. Cheers.
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            Wow, what great detail from the pentax.
            I suspect that many of we viewers are seeing an image in much smaller scale and to get the most out of all that detail a crop will show it fully, without distraction.
            So it's +1 for cropping which shows off the wonderful detail you captured in your image Mek.
            Love the prayer pose on the fly Cheers Jo
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              I am also in the crop camp. If it were my photo I would crop similar to what Isac has done there, I may have tilted the fly a bit too, to make it a bit more horizontal.
              It really depends on what you are trying to achieve with your photography. My aim is to produce images pleasing to my eye,if others like them too, then that's a bonus. Cameras these days have enough MP to allow a bit of cropping and still retain enough detail.
              I use cropping as another tool, just like any other post-processing such as sharpening, shadow reduction, levels, etc, etc.

              Each to their own though, I have a good friend who refuses to crop his photos as well, I respect him as a photographer, he produces some fantastic work, but I think he does himself a disservice by not cropping.
              Cheers, Brad.


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                Isac = No problems ...

                I just dont crop .. I consider myself still the student . And the goal is to take a better picture ..
                Don't get me wrong , I crop all the time .. I am mad for cropping ( photos for product reviews n such ) . I just don't crop my macro . ( I want to push myself to take better pictures )
                If I need to get closer , then I need to use hardware to achieve that . ( I have the hardware )

                So for me , it's about pushing myself .


                • Isac
                  Isac commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Fair enough MEK, I won't mention it again.

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                G'day Mate

                I've left you a reply on your other close up thread - have you found it yet?

                > Offers Digital Photography workshops in outback eastern Australia
                > recent images at


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                  ??? Must have missed it !


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                    Originally posted by MEK View Post
                    ??? Must have missed it !
                    That's okay mate - these things happen
                    On your eBook thread "My Guides to Macro Photography ( MEK / old4570 )" I mentioned thatI would chat with you via 'visitor message / personal message' [it gets called different names in different places]. I sent you a long reply about your eBooks and offered you help if you wish to, to make the eBooks even better
                    > Offers Digital Photography workshops in outback eastern Australia
                    > recent images at