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Project 52 2013-14

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    Here are some more of my weeks.
    week 39
    *Centenary Lakes prior to work.
    *Yorkeys Knob for a pee break.
    *Sunset from the backyard.
    *Eve and her keyring friends $1.50 from Kmart and Woof from Ikea years ago.
    * My crocheted mandala wheel finished.
    *Me and Dutchie.
    *Me and Chesney.
    *Lenny came back to YAPS. He had been rehomed and then surrendered in poor condition the poor lad but have no fear, he is back to himself and thriving now with the help of all the staff and volunteers who love him dearly.
    week 39 - 24-8-14 by Anna S (ladymilli's stuff), on Flickr

    week 40
    *Bailey & Wilson getting some morning sun.
    * Me with my new St John's tshirt yaaay finally got a work shirt.
    * YAPS team and partners at the Cairns Festival Parade 2014.
    *Bailey in a box.
    *Jason in his new hammock.
    *Our fancy attachment that lights up with temperature of the water.
    *My flower cushion again.

    week 40 31-8-14 by Anna S (ladymilli's stuff), on Flickr

    week 41
    *My 45th birthday family photo plus pressies.
    *Beautiful pelicans one Saturday morning after dropping Kalen off at cadets.
    *Pelican and Great Egret.
    *Me and gorgeous Domino. *My flower cushion again. lol.
    *My green smoothie or snot smoothie as Jason calls it. Baby Kale, fresh pineapple, banana and ice. ..delish !!

    week 41 7-9-14 by Anna S (ladymilli's stuff), on Flickr

    week 42
    *Was Trisha's 70th birthday so a surprise party was organised my Nikki ...and a surprise it was. Was good to get together with dog walkers and fundraising peeps. Trisha is one of my YAPS dog walking friends.
    *new plants Eve and I bought. Impatiens, Lobelia, Mint, Lavender ..and Eve's fathers day pressies to her dad, Marigold and Petunia ...
    *Bailey on top of his grandads car.

    week 42 14-9-14 by Anna S (ladymilli's stuff), on Flickr
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      Sure seems like you've settled in well to QLD, like you have lived there forever.
      Enjoyed doing a catch up on your area and your busy life.
      My favourites are your macros and land/beachscape shots. Just lurve the spider.[email protected]/
      Haven't been there, not done that.


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        Once again I shuffle along in life and weeks go by and I have to play catch up on my computer with my Proj 52 lol, so here goes.

        wk 43
        *A sunday Eve and I went to see the horses at Yorkeys Knob corner, took some great photos and then went to YAPS.
        *Eve is with Sunrise.
        *selfie of me and Keanu. He was a YAPS puppy who was returned months later timid but so loving.
        *Keanu (formerly Pepper) with Holly. Both have since been adopted <3
        week 43 21-9-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

        wk 44
        *My flower cushion I am crocheting.
        *butterfly cupcake I made, mum used to make these when I was younger.
        *Jess and I played Scrabble, the old fashioned way without technology.
        *Eve with Cassie on a playdate.
        *Selfie with Bundy the Kelpie x.

        week 44 28-9-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

        wk 45
        *Eve and I with Michelle and Lani who drove up from Townsville for a few days in Cairns.
        *Roses that Jessica's bf Jackson sent to her x 2 days while he was away.
        *a lovely teapot given to me by a client.
        *my green tea in my fave cup.
        *Matilda on different dog food to help with her weight loss and some Technyflex capsules to help with arthritis.
        *Selfie of me and Skippy (since adopted).
        *Beautiful Olivia. She has been waiting for many months for a home of her own.

        week 45 5-10-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

        wk 46
        *selfie of me with Bobby or is it Barry lol.
        *selfie of me and Bet Bet the Lab x Shepherd.
        *kittens Eve (grey one) and her sibling.
        * Kalen & Jess being forced to wear a 'get along' shirt as they were bickering. Shirt was too small lol.
        *Goanna up a tree during dog walking at YAPS.
        *Bobby and Barry .. beautiful smoochy boys. I would take them in a heartbeat.

        week 46 12-10-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

        wk 47
        *My mint plant and Eve's Marigold and Lobelia.
        *Hibiscus bud.
        *Kalen almost 18yo and ready for his yr12 formal at the Pullman International Hotel. Looking very smart indeed (except the hair).
        * water from hose in the sunlight poking through palms.
        *three Metallic Starlings.
        *Matilda grumbling at me.
        *Wilson in his glory.

        week 47 19-10-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr
        My stuff - 7D |100mm macro|Tamron 17-50mm|50mm 1.8|Sigma 50mm 1.4| stuff for macro


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          Lots of interesting shots Anna. Love the one of the talking horse in week 43. Hope Kalen enjoyed his formal and the hair will go if he joins the navy lol.


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            Another months worth of photos. We have had all three birthdays now .. 16, 8 and 18yo. eeek. The teens both aren't the most social of butterflies so Jess had two friends for a sleepover and one has conveniently moved 2 doors up on the other side of the road. So yes a tame 16th bday with a fancy cake. Kalen he just wanted to meet up with mates at the tavern (a short walk away) so he had a beer with dad plus met his mate there and walked home with some booze and we sat talking at the table. So no rowdy night there either. We are still trying to educate Kalen on the many things he is lazy about but still a hard learner. He likes rum & coke and bourbon & coke. We educated him on how beer is cheaper lol.. In the photos of wk 52 which will be coming up when I do it, he has graduated from year 12 ~ and had the graduation ceremony. Good job on his not being uber social and with money is ,, he's not interested and wouldn't afford to go to schoolies on the gold coast. He does want to see the Foo Fighters in Brisbane in February but he has to save and I can't see him doing that as he didn't realise how expensive airfare, accommodation and a ticket would be and he's only working part time at Hungry Jacks. So that's where we are at the moment in life with the Simpsons .. haha. oh and I stop work on 19Dec to 26 Jan cos of funding. I do have one client I have for 4 hrs a week under a different package so it's not effected. hmm Weather it's been 33c so a bucket load cooler than down south. The pool is like a warm bath and the outside temp is cold in comparison. We have some beautiful trees in blossom around Cairns and I am procrastinating about taking photos.. I need a push bike so I can go do this quick and easy lol. Will have to wait as the money tree hasn't blossomed yet.
            *Jess had her eyes checked and tried on some new glasses.
            *Jason @ The Coffee Club not happy that his mug of coffee looks like a 'cup' lol.
            *me trying on the glasses Jess chose.
            *The dry leaves on the dry ground at the park.
            *Willy Wagtail who follows us dog walking at YAPS. He gets half a metre away from the dogs .. not afraid at all.
            *Woof and Demond reading while bunny teaches.
            *the 'graze' on the Camry I did while forgetting how close to a pole was. doh!

            week 48 26-10-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

            *Jess had her friends Chloe and Jessie over for her 16th birthday. Just a quiet one.
            *the cake made by Annette (Tricia's friend). She did an awesome job.
            *selfie of me and Jess as she looks amused.
            *Eve's 8th b'day celebration the same day and she had a few friends over for a pool party.
            *I took Eve and friend Cassie to YAPS on Eve's birthday. They loved it and had a great time. We took pups Trevor and Solitaire for a walk.

            week 49 2-11-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

            *A significant milestone reached as Kalen turns 18yo. He had a haircut prior to going to cadets and how spunky does he look now!
            *Kalen and Jason down at the tavern having the first beer!
            *Nick came over to celebrate.
            *Eve won a "Frozen" pack from Smithfield Shopping Centre.
            *Eve only took one day to learn to ride a bike. We took her to the park where she learnt with no training wheels. Awesome job Eve. 3 days on and she was riding on concrete.

            week 50 9-11-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

            wk 51
            *went to the lagoon in the city to meet up with sis-inlaw and her boys plus the footy team.
            *me and Jason self. He looks happy right lol.
            *Jess with her new glasses.
            *Matilda & Bailey could not be any closer!
            *Jess & Eve with us at the lagoon.
            *some of the dogs of YAPS I walked .. Vince, Charlie & Vince, Beau & Bet Bet, Zara.
            <3 love these beauties.

            week 51 16-11-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr
            My stuff - 7D |100mm macro|Tamron 17-50mm|50mm 1.8|Sigma 50mm 1.4| stuff for macro


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              52 weeks is nearly up Anna but worth the effort as a history of your family for the year. Isn't is strange how family birthdays often occur around the same time. We have a one in December and another in January - not good planning at all. Kalen looks much better with his hair shorter - what are his plans next year. And, Jason will have to be renamed grumpy judging by his extremely unimpressed look in that selfie.


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                Beaut record Anna.
                It's the little things!

                Cheers, Greg C.


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                  These are the last few collages for the 52 weeks but seems I forgot that and have continued on .. lol... so will just keep going eh. haha. Maybe Make a new thread for 2015 and start from January.

                  *My little teddy I call Michael Jackson (cos his hair reminds me of Michaels burnt hair from the Pepsi ad), he comes with me to dental appointments so I can squeeze him instead of my hands as I tense up.
                  *Julie my childhood doll on the laptop. Jess and Jason think she's creepy and they hide her, not in complete view of the other but eventually will be spotted.
                  *Chrisco/Castle hampers came.
                  *Kalen's yr 12 graduation ceremony, him with mate Nick and then us (mum and dad),
                  Just realised this is the last of my project 52 but I have been carrying on lol. doh! nevermind.
                  week 52 23-11-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

                  *Won a Boost Juice comp, cd of 21/22 Jump St and singlet from the movie Suns Out Guns Out.
                  *Jason with a beer and he's smiling.
                  *me and my Bailey.
                  *Poinsiana tree in blossom.
                  *Eve mailing a letter to Santa.

                  week 53 30-11-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

                  *Eve ready for her performance at school in the choir.
                  *Selfies proving we ALL went out to Eve's school concert.
                  *Matilda after being shaved.
                  *Eve next to the Christmas tree with Ava on top.
                  *Selfie of me and Ava, who has been donning our tree for about 15 years now.
                  *Poinsiana trees.

                  week 54 7-12-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

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                    Hope your photobook is awesome. What's the plan for 2015 Anna?


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                      Thanks Gabby. The plan for 2015 is to just do the same ... but will be for the whole year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec .. where as the one above I started late in the year and was supposed to finish 52 weeks later but that didn't happen cos it wasn't right to not include the rest of the year lol.

                      Already almost finished a photobook of it. Using the photobookclub that whatsy recommended in another thread. Figured if I do the most current photobook and then work my way backwards and get the previous years completed lol. .. like book 2 of 2012 and then the whole of 2013. A few hundred $$ worth of books to be done, but do them during the specials that come and go.
                      My stuff - 7D |100mm macro|Tamron 17-50mm|50mm 1.8|Sigma 50mm 1.4| stuff for macro


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                        Will be interested to hear how photobookclub turns out. You know you need 3 copies don't you? So there will be no sibling fights in the future about who gets the books lol.

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                      Thank you to everyone who has popped in with a comment .. I appreciate it very much and hope you all enjoyed seeing inside life of the me/family/Cairns.

                      *Eve received a certificate at the end of year assembly "Commendation Award for high academic standards throughout the year".
                      *Presents from my clients, Jolande and Janet.
                      *Gift cards from FOY (Friends of YAPS) for doing the newsletter throughout the year.
                      *Pretty flower at the Botanical Gardens.
                      *Matilda having a swim.

                      Here are the last few for 2014.
                      week 55 - 14-12-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

                      *Present from clients Marilyn & Ian.
                      *Present from Anthony.
                      *My potman from Judy (back in Wattle Grove) broke while I was out (thanks Eve and Matilda).
                      *Mine and Jason's wedding anniversary, 19years.
                      *My anniversary present.
                      *The Lindt Cafe in Sydney was held up by a man man, two people were killed. This is a snapshot of all the flowers outside the cafe in memory of those who died.
                      *Pano of The Esplanade using my Galaxy S4 which I got a few weeks prior to Christmas.
                      week 56 21-12-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

                      Christmas Day with George & Syliva (inlaws) .. Jason was sick, couldn't talk so was rather quiet. Two lots as you just can't fit it all into one.
                      week 57 28-12-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr

                      week 57b 28-12-14 by Anna S (ladymilli&#x27;s stuff), on Flickr
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                        Inspirational Anna, I admire your dedication to the 'Project' and have enjoyed looking every now and then even if I didn't always comment. All the best for 2015.

                        “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams
                        CC always welcomed, feel free to post your ideas with an edit if you have time - Thanks.