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Fireworks..up close

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  • Fireworks..up close

    Had another fireworks show recently in Broome and the shot firers invited me back.

    This is too much fun folks! Remember the good old days when, young, drunk, stupid and stoned you would stand right in front of the speaker stack in the pub on a Friday night and let the soundwaves smash into your brain at volumes that would make your ears bleed? Well, it's kinda like that, only eighty million times louder and downright scary at times. (Come on, surely I wasn't the only one )

    The shot firers filled me with confidence with their words of wisdom..."Look Micko, if it goes pear shaped just remember, Stop, Drop and Roll"

    Anyway, it all went well, these guys are serious pros and they would not put me at risk. But damn, it can be scary...and loud. I've got ear plugs in but I reckon all they do is keep the blood in.

    Setting up on Cable Beach...mortors in the background, the cardboard boxes are called cakes and they are where the serious stuff happens.

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    I didn't get many good shots, only eight minutes from go to whoa. That might sound like a lot of time but there's a lot happening and it all happens really fast. Lost some time setting the exposure and most shots come out dark because the camera is set for capturing the initial blast out of the cake or mortor.

    Couple of mortor shots I'm pretty happy with..

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    The Cakes.

    Cakes are all multiple fire thingys. The tubes fire in pairs (I think!) and keep firing for about 5-10 seconds till spent.

    Fuse is lit on the left cake, one on the right is spent.

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    Then KABOOM! Off they go..

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    It's kinda like standing on the surface of the sun at times.

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    When it's finished the fuse gets spat out, gotta make sure you're not too close to these cakes

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    Question everything ~ Christopher Hitchins

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    You are a braver man than I am Mick. That does look scary

    I had my hearing tested today and passed with flying colours.

    I didn't spend much time in front of concert speakers in my youth, but I do remember having limited hearing for a while after a MiSex concert,

    I was a sound mixer for a Folk Band for a while - but that's hardly dangerous

    Still trying to make the ordinary look extraordinary

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      Thanks for commenting Alan.
      Question everything ~ Christopher Hitchins


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        Beats watching TV. Good captures, how some people make a living.
        Better a full bottle in front of me
        than a full frontal lobotomy.


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          Yeah, these guys do a show a week most of the time. Deaf as a bloody post
          Question everything ~ Christopher Hitchins