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    Ozzie_Traveller posted a Visitor Message for MEK
    G'day mate
    I said in last night's post that I would look at your macro eBook and get back to you.
    For a 63-page book you've done a lot of work to it

    Several questions first of all - and please don't feel offended by my Qs as I am trying to find your background & future plans
    I've been in adult education since 1975 with thousands of students through my courses and workshops. I am now retired and slowing down, but the desire to pass on knowledge and help new people is still strong. My workshop notes come in various page lengths - from 5 pages for a specific topic to 150 pages for a full manual

    a) who is your target audience - just APh people or a wider field?
    b) is this booklet the first in a series or the only one you have planned?

    With this book, the two items that stand out are
    1) in your enthusiasm to fit it all in, you have mixed up camera controls [ISO + Apertures etc] in the middle of the book, with macro stuff both before it and after it. I suggest you put all this 'techo' stuff into an Annexe at the back of the book, so the reader gets all the macro stuff in one go, and only reads the Annexe stuff if they need to
    2) you have many punctuation issues with the text - often inserting a space before a comma or full-stop, thus causing them to run over to the start of a new line. The comma and full stop never have a space before them
    3) you have mixed fonts and font-sizes throughout the book. While this is okay for headings etc. it is not done within the body of text

    IF you want to talk to me directly, come back to me at "Phil Jones"<[email protected]>

    Hope this helps - happy to talk heaps more with you
    [attached is a very old version of some notes on Close up Lenses for you to read]
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  • MEK
    It was intended as a beginner guide :
    I am not the best communicator in the world and unfortunately it also depends very much on when I feel motivated . ( to write )
    I don't want to tell people how or what to do , so the guide is ( a guide ) simply to get people thinking and doing . ( Find their own path )

    I find Macro terribly easy ! ( I am sorry to say )
    Once you understand the basics ( ISO - shutter speed - Aperture - Light ) That's pretty much it ! There obviously is a lot of techno babble when it comes to lens design etc , but do you need to know that ? I mean does a race car driver need to know about piston ring clearance or spark plug gaps ? Not really , they simply need to drive the car . Macro is the same thing , who needs to know the techno babble ? Just drive the camera ( so to speak ) .

    I learned the hard way , I did all the wrong things at the beginning and what I was left with was knowing how not to macro .

    Yeah when it comes to fonts n stuff .. The guide was written and re written over time many times ( amended ) , then combined some what .with other guides ..
    ( Copy and paste ) The intention was to write a 100 page book or some such . Covering the basics as well as some talk on equipment .. Now I did write a little about lenses on Pentax forums as an experiment to see what sort of reaction I would get and in all fairness it was some what negative . It seems people are very polarized about their equipment ( personally I dont care ) . I guess a little like cars or football teams . I have shot macro from 50mm to 300mm and used all sorts of stuff like Tubes - bellows - telemacro converters - Close focus filters - to reversed lenses and I don't particularly worry about how I macro , just enjoy it .

    So in a nut shell I enjoy macro in which ever way and if I can help anyone else enjoy it .
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