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  • Hi from the UK

    Hi from the UK

    I am back at last, it has been one hell of a period! Health issues, then laptop crashed, was sent away from before Christmas till after the new year. Then I had to rebuild everything from scratch, then issues with Wi-Fi Mesh discs and router, finally 3-4 weeks of one massive virus, (not covid), we are slowly getting over it.

    All my data is on separate drives so the crash and issues should not have taken as long as it did but, I sync the data and I decided to re-organise some folders, without knocking the sync off. I have had to carefully check move and delete over a million files. We are drained and I guess that was how I overlooked some problems and created many more myself.

    How about the camera? Except for a few flowers on the 13 November, an odd day between the high winds and the heavy rain, it was put away and only came out yesterday. So, as a total beginner I have forgotten most of what I had learned, which was not a lot. So I decided to start from scratch and the last two days all I have done is play with the camera, read a bit, watch an odd video and simply get used to the camera and which settings are where. This could lead to a few questions guys! I apologise now.

    Although not through the virus, the last two days I have felt better, the cold spell has eased a little and the days are slowly getting longer. What better time to start a new, I think.

    It ism good to chat again


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    Welcome back.


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      Thank you K1W1


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        Welcome back Paul.


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          Glad to have you back in the fold.


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            Welcome back Paul-UK sorry to hear of your recent woes, but good to hear that all is well again. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your images.
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              Good to see you've come out the other side Paul and getting back to norm. I've been out of sorts myself lately so maybe your story is just what I need to sort that out and get out with the camera again.
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                Many thanks to you all for your encouragement.