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  • LIGHTROOM>>Flagging those files

    I think I have put this up before but as I just posted it elsewhere I may as will post it here also

    we all know about the "p" key to flag a file and "u" key to un-flag and file. We I hope it's P and U because I never use them!

    Instead; I learnt by mistake to use the "`"; that one at the top lhs.

    Hit it once and the flag appears
    hit it again and the flag disappears
    if a file is already a reject (x) ; hit the "`" key and it's now it's flagged
    and as you guessed; hit it again and the flag is gone

    So you back now?
    You didn't believe me so you just had to try it didn't you?

    Now we can do all our flagging and Xing with one or two fingers over the lhs of the keyboard while the other hand is on the mouse or advance/backward keys. Stars and colours can also be added with the left hand.

    I will put up my credit number later and you can all make a donations

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    Thanks Ian. I am still slack with LR and organising my files and tagging and stuff .. lol ..

    My stuff - 7D |100mm macro|Tamron 17-50mm|50mm 1.8|Sigma 50mm 1.4| stuff for macro


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      I feel it's something we need to do as soon as we have removed the real rubbish from days/weeks photos Anna, or the job just gets bigger and bigger 'till it becomes too big.
      Something else I have recently pick up is leave looking/sorting/deleting for as long as possible so much of the emotions don't have so much effect on our thoughts. I will delete a lot more files a month or so after taking the photos when I realize the photos are no where as good as I first thought; or I have taken a better one since. How often have we taken a photo and thought 'I must post this straight away' only to realize the editing is only 1/2 baked; or worse, totally over cooked. I think its a problem related with seeing our photos straight away.