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  • ST-1 Quik Universal LCD View Finder

    I just picked up one of these viewfinders. It attaches to your DSLR camera having a standard 3 inch LCD screen up to 3.2". It has a 3X magnification, swivel screen friendly, touch screen friendly. It only cost $40 Cdn. from Amazon with free next day delivery. I tried it out and it works great. Eliminates any glare on the screen by the sun. Highly recommended.

    Starbea Viewfinder.jpg

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    They do a great job when outdoors Paul. I've had my Hoodman Loupe for many years and it works a treat. Much the same thing. I just hang it around my neck and it's so light, I forget it's there.
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    • Paul Mitchell
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      Up until now Ive converted a small hand held slide viewer for a loupe covering the LCD screen. But this viewfinder gadget actually attaches to the camera. Its mostly plastic and doesnt feel all that strong if you ever dropped your camera. But it really does keep the sun off the screen when out in the bright sunlight. Plus the 3X magnification helps with the focus if you arent using auto. The biggest drawback I see is that you have to use the LCD screen all the time. And its difficult to look through the small viewfinder above the LCD screen.

    • Isac
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      Thanks Paul. Being old school, using the LCD all the time would drive me nuts and it drains the battery a lot quicker. I have the diopter set for my left eye and that works for me.That's why I prefer the Hoodman. But if it works for you, then that's a good thing.

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    Looks interesting but I mostly use the viewfinder as it makes the camera a lot more stable. I do use the screen at times when the camera is on a tripod so a gadget like this would have to be easy to attach and remove. How does it attach to the camera?
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    • Paul Mitchell
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      98% of my photography is with the camera on a tripod. Using this gyzmo isnt any less stable than viewing through the viewfinder. Still 3 points of contact, both hands and your head. The big advantage is the 3X magnification for both seeing and particularly focusing. There is a mounting plate which attaches to the bottom, then the main body attaches with screws and adjustable brackets for the perfect fit over the LCD Screen. Also as you can see in the photo, there is a large hinge on the top which allows the eyepiece to swing up out of the way for using the LCD Screen if it should happen to be touch screen. Its only $40.

    • wigz
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      Thanks Paul, that all sounds good.

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    Amazing, looks like something I can do with...mine will arrive from Amazon on Sunday! Thank you