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  • Evaporation

    Apparently red wine evaporates at a quicker rate than water. Who would have known?
    fuji X100V f2.8 iso 640


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    I like the effect of the backlight on the glass.

    I was just talking to a man yesterday who was complaining that his beer evaporated so quickly it just disappeared after a few sips.
    Alan W

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      We get that problem here in the UK too.

      My other problem is that there is a hole in the glass...


      • K1W1
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        Editing a comment
        That brings back memories. When I was much, much younger in NZ you could buy "trick" glasses that looked like cut glass tumblers (made of plastic) but they had small holes in the grooves near the top. Dads used you get them for Fathers day or Christmas presents and would duly have to fill them nearly full of beer then be surprised when they drank and beer dribbled onto their shirts much to the delight of young people present.

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      G'day Richard

      I agree as to the wonderful back-lighting for the 3-glasses and the ambience of the place is there as well.
      Well done !

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