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  • Asian Glossy Starling (Aplonis panayensis)

    Asian Glossy Starling (Aplonis panayensis) by Paolo Dolina, on Flickr

    Fierce-looking, large songbird with a thick, decurved bill. Adult dark with greenish gloss in good light. Juvenile dark gray-brown above with a heavily streaked white belly. Most have ruby-red eyes, but birds in the central and southern Nicobar Islands have pale irises. Prefers urban and suburban areas; a common sight in cities, towns, parks, and farmland areas. Frequently seen perching on telephone wires, fence posts, and buildings, often in very large, noisy flocks. Native to Southeast and South Asia; introduced to Taiwan, where fairly common.


    If I could redo this shot I would do these

    - change orientation from landscape to portrait

    - step closer towards 6 meters away

    - 1/200 ISO 500 f/8.0

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    Lovely sharp image, nicely exposed to show the details in the plumage, but scary red eyes. Perhaps a little more room on the right would have been nice.
    The white object in front of the bird on the left is a bit distracting but also, I imagine, quite difficult to remove.


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      Nice shot. A little more space on the right would be nice.
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        Thank you Alf & David,

        I recall someone telling me that these starlings are tasty. Flavorful chicken. Same person is terrified by the birds appearance.


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          Lovely colour contrasts. Hope to see these when I finally get to the Philippines.
          Better a full bottle in front of me
          than a full frontal lobotomy.


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            nice sharp image of the birds.
            agree with the space on right and distractions in front also.
            Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter