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  • Working with Steam

    720nm IR, X-T1


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    Excellent series of images K1W1, the steam adds another element altogether.
    I must get myself up to the Emerald area and get some images of PB in action. Were these taken at Menzies Creek?
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    • K1W1
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      Gembrook. The train arrives there about 1.25 on a Saturday afternoon and stays till about 2.45. They have to do plenty of backwards and forwards shunting to get the engine to change ends for the return trip and there are relatively few people there. Emerald station is like Disneyland now. Give it a miss.
      If you are heading to Gembrook there are plenty of opportunities to get the train in motion along the way. The uphill from Fielder to the summit before Gembrook is always good because it is one of the few uphills where the engine is facing forwards.
      We often walk to Gembrook for a Pizza for lunch on Sat on the walking trail beside the track which is why I end up with so many shots. Highly recommend Station House Pizza BTW.

    • Grumpy John
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      Heaps of great information there K1W1, thanks for sharing.

    • Ozzie_Traveller
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      +1 ... tho we are unlikely to make it anytime soon