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  • Powering the city

    Siem Reap Cambodia last week but it could be almost any major city in SE Asia. X100V.


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    Like you I've seen it first hand and witnessed the whole area erupt like a fireball during a storm in Phuket. Very frightning. Imagine if that was here in Australia?
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      G'day Richard

      ....... and how the hell does the sparky get to know which cable is the 'right' one for whatever connection s/he is trying to put together?

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        Amazing that it works and how is it ever maintained. I've seen similar, but not quite as crazy, in South Korea where they have plenty of high-technology and excellent high-speed internet.

        Although their point-of-sale systems seem to be signature- based with no PINs, contactless cards or phone-pay.
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          Yes have seen worse than that in Vietnam. You wonder how it gets sorted. more practical than engineering knowledge. #2 looks like a mixture of official and unofficial construction.

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