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  • Tall Trees

    G'day all

    Well- a single tree anyway - and no so tall that its shadow becomes lost in the distance

    exif- Panny FZ-300; 1/640s x F4,0; ISO-100; lens at 1x zoom / 28mm FFequiv

    As always, feedback welcome
    > Motorhome travels outback eastern Australia much of each year
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    Interesting to think that the shadow though a good representation of the real thing bears no relation to its size. Which means we will have to take your word for the fact it was tall. Was it a Norfolk Pine?

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    • Isac
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      Easy to measure the tree height Phil.
      Measure the length of the tree's shadow, multiply it by YOUR height then divide the result by Your shadow length.
      eg: Tree shadow is 13 metres long X your height (1.8 metres) ÷ YOUR shadow length (2.6 metres) = TREE HEIGHT (9 metres).
      13 X 1.8 = 23.4
      23.4 ÷ 2.6 = 9

    • HansE
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      Isac is showing off. Now we have to put in your shadow so we can measure the tree. 10m is fine with me. lol