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    Both stitched with Microsoft "Image Composite Editor". I don't do a lot of landscapes compared to birds and other genres. I suppose that's why I don't use Lightroom, as it doesn't have anywhere near the capabilities for creative editing as Photoshop does. For my usage, I can't see the point in doing half the edit in one program and then using another program to do other edits, when Photoshop does everything that Lightroom does and a whole lot more. More to learn in Photoshop I suppose. I know others use Lightroom which is OK for basic editing.

    #1 - 9 vertical shots
    Click image for larger version

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    #2 - 4 vertical shots
    Click image for larger version

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    A couple of good panoramas Isac
    As you probably know, Lightroom image editing is pretty much the same as ACR in Photoshop. What Lightroom adds is digital asset management, and Lightroom and Photoshop integrate quite well.

    As you say, if you don't need the DAM functions, there is no point in using Lightroom, if you have Photoshop.
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      Thanks for that Alan, I have no need for Lightroom, like you say ACR is good enough for what I do. I'm OK with using Windows as my DAM system - it works for me and I can find any image super quick. I've been building, using and selling PC's since the early 80's, wrote my own accounting software, including payroll and I always like to be in control - I suppose that's why I don't use a lot of software that takes away that control
      Adobe Bridge is another DAM tool that comes with Photoshop. Grumpy John swears by it. The world would be a boring place if we all did the same but it's good we all have differing ideas, even about Holden/Ford - PC/Mac - Hoover/Electrolux etc Cheers!