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  • Letting Sleeping Foxes Lie

    This little Red Fox was catching some sleep right off of the auto trail through the refuge. Didn't seem to care that people were driving by.

    Sleeping Fox by David Covarrubias, on Flickr
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    Beauty for certain. They can be a bit of a nuisance, but they are cute too..:-)


    • Ozzie_Traveller
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      Hi Mark

      As I'm sure you know, these feral pests were introduced Downunder in the 1840s for 'sport' and now -with domestic cats gone feral- are Australia's biggest killers of native wildlife

      Down here if/when farmers see 'em it's "bang" and that's it

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    Well spotted and worth a shot. Colours are amazing. There are some wonderful fur textures hidden in those shadows
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