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  • Eastern Gray Squirrel

    Eastern Gray Squirrel having a bite to eat at Abbotts Mill Nature Preserve.
    DSCF4641 by David Covarrubias, on Flickr
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    They are an amazing animal David and a great natural photo you have there. Beautiful light and great detail too.

    Apparently, they are classed as a pest throughout Europe. I don't see squirrels here but the northern palm squirrel, native to northern India was introduced to Australia and is established in Perth, Western Australia (WA).

    It was deliberately released in the grounds of the WA South Perth Zoo, as an enhancement to the park in the late 1800's. It remained confined to the zoo grounds for many years but eventually dispersed naturally (and by human's doing the wrong thing). They spread to an area of about 30kmĀ² outside the zoo grounds. Some of the squirrels have been spotted in local areas around Perth suburbs and occasionally in country localities. I've never seen one so thanks for sharing.
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      The Gray Squirrels got accidentally (I think) introduced to the UK and the rest of Europe and quickly got established, hence the classification as pointed out below.

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    Sometimes disparagingly called a bush tailed tree rat, you have caught him / her really well. Unfortunately in the UK the greys carry Squirrelpox, a virus which is fatal to our native red Squirrel. The greys seem to be immune.They also damage trees and affect woodland composition by bark stripping and eating the seeds of particular trees, hence the pest classification.


    • David_MC
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      I thought I remembered them being an invasive species in the UK.

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      Thanks for the info.

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      A cute little pest...