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My Guides to Macro Photography ( MEK / old4570 )

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  • My Guides to Macro Photography ( MEK / old4570 ) -- Beginners Guide to Macro Photography . ( My first attempt at writing a guide ) This guide remained lost for over a year till I found it on a back up drive . -- My 2nd attempt at a guide to Macro Photography - more comprehensive than the first and covers the close focus filter rather well .. I also tacked on my guide to adding light ( flash ) ...
    Always meant to expand on this second guide , but I find that talking about equipment tends to polarize some people ...

    Never forget there is more than one way to macro , the correct way is what works for you ! And in regards to that , remember that the proof is in the pudding . The pudding is good , or its not . And whats important ( most of all ) is that you ( the photographer ) are happy .

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    Thank you MEK a great guide. I did expect the answer on page 63
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      Aaaah Yes !

      A) Not sure who wrote - always leave them wanting more
      B) I was supposed to continue the guide
      C) I hope to continue the guide - which I sort off have on another forum

      A flash is a good idea for several reasons

      1) It allows the user greater control of the camera
      2) It allows the user some control over lighting - the way the scene is lit etc
      3) A flash helps to freeze movement
      4) A flash helps to bring out detail ( counters high Fstop some what )
      5) A flash helps to minimize error or should that be variables

      How you utilize the flash is possibly more important than say the lens you chose to use . Its a little like fine tuning a race car , once its tuned its hard to drive it badly . So for me the process of learning macro was not learning how to macro but rather the process of tuning my gear . ( setting it up ) Because once its set up ! , macro is dead easy !


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