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  • Red-rumped Pair

    Just a little background. I have many issue's body wise and when rain is coming it stuffs me up something bad.
    Last night I got no sleep cause of pain and I think set the ball rolling.
    So I had a group outing and I just can't get this shot right. So if you want to play with it or just say its a bad shot I am more than ready for this as I can't get it right.
    Like I said it could be that the shot just hasn't got enough detail left in it and therefore its as good as it will ever get.
    I am not blaming the camera I am blaming me.
    So please give it a go or tell me to delete it, which my money is on.
    And no apologies needed on this bad one.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wasted Day 22-03-2022 (60) - Copy.jpg
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    It looks rather soft Ralph and I suspect lacking detail, but it's hard to tell at this small size. Is this the full uncropped frame?

    You may be able to get a bit more detail out of it. Here is my very quick and rough effort. It appears to have a bit more detail but doesn't look good.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled-1.jpg
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    I used a couple of the Nik Photoshop plugins, applying both to only the birds.:
    1. Tonal Contrast to bring out different tones in the feathers. The Clarity slider in Lightroom seems to give a similar effect.
    2. Sharpener Pro with quite strong sharpening and also using the focus adjustment
    I also brightened the birds a little.

    What software are you using to process your images?

    I think the image is probably too soft but if it's the only shot of these birds you have, you may want to keep it.. I may be able to get a better idea if you could upload an image cropped closely around the birds, or provide a full-size out-of-camera image using Dropbox or We-Transfer. Let me know if you want to do this.

    Isac may have some better ideas.
    Alan W

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    • Ralph
      Ralph commented
      Editing a comment
      This was my thoughts as I tried and couldn't get anywhere with it. Then you said the word that made me understand just why and it is soft.
      And this is why the shot is not going to be any good as a photo unless I do the filter tricks with it as I use to do many years ago.
      I thank you for your efforts and it has come out as I thought.
      Like I said I started the day badly though I did manage to get about a 50/50% success/failure rate today due to this.
      When we get weather coming in I suffer 2 days before it hits and until it is gone. But today was by far a even worse day photo wise.
      It is something I have to fight and battle through.
      Sorry about waffling on but sometimes the story behind things can help other see the point of view for someone else fight.
      Thanks for your effort and I know it took a while to get to that point but tomorrow it is going to be a delete type of day.
      Great effort Allan and I think you.