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  • New Guinea Sing Sing...

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    Taken in 1970. Any earlier than that, we might have been on the menu...

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    Yours Truly surveying on a mountain top (11,000 feet) in New Guinea, 1970

    I (10 of us)were working on detachment to the Ozzie Royal Engineers. This little survey was with just two us, helicoptered up the mountain top/ridge. We were using AeroDist, which measures distances well over a couple of hundred K's.

    The aeroplane with the other instrument had an engine go duff, so we were stuck up here for 3 weeks. Ran short of food, so we were "bombed" with a sandbag full of tins, and a glass jar of sugar, which failed to land intact! The best loo in the world though, whilst doing the biz, the viz covered the best scenery I have ever seen...

    Sorry, banged on a bit...

    Photos from my old (still have it) Yashicamat 124, TLR

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    Great, I am hoping to get there one day. Missed that lot obviously. What good memories old pictures bring. Have you been back?
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    • MJ224
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      No, I have never dared to. A bit out of my way, and not a lot to go back for really....

    • HansE
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      You would have to admit it would be more exiting to photograph a meeting like this than the tower of Pisa. Or the 17 day cruise I am about to do in the Pacific.

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    Fabulous old images Mark, bringing back some great memories for you.

    I was asked if I wanted to go there to organise large water tanks to be installed in some of the jungle areas but I suggested the boss go and I'll stay and look after the business for him while he was away. When he returned he told some scary stories about different clans fighting and attacking each other just near their camp which had huge fences erected to keep the savages away and the perimeter had armed guards on 24/7 patrols. That was in 2006, Some parts are not that accepting of tourists so PNG wouldn't be included on my travel itinerary.
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    • MJ224
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      Thanks Isac. I gather the country is rather lawless still. We never had any problems in the 70's, probably before our "Western Society" arrived properly...

    • Isac
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      You're probably correct Mark. The outback jungle areas are pretty primitive, run by their tribes but I think they cities are just like anywhere else - chaotic, noisy and full of pollution

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    Interesting shots and story Mark.

    My wife went to the Mt Hagen show in the early 70s when she was nursing on Thursday Island. This was before we met. A group of nurses hired a plane from Cairns to fly them over, and they also met a patrol office who showed them a bit of the surrounding area. She has some interesting photos from that trip..
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