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  • Garden sprinkler spreading water

    G'day all

    Hmmm - this is a mix is "still" and "not so still" into the Still-Life part of Aph
    This tractor-style garden sprinkler was swirling water across the yard while also tracking along the hose pipe

    exif- Panny FZ-2500; 1/80s x F11; ISO-250; lens at 7x zoom / 175mm FFequiv

    As always, feedback welcome
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    Too much, I think Phil. The water is interesting with its various droplets and sprays. It would be a challenge to emphasise it though.
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    • Ozzie_Traveller
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      Thx matey ......... yep it is / was a fun shot showing the swirl and fling of the water itself

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    Cool shot and very creative Phil. Worth trying different shutter speeds for different effects - slower and faster.
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    • HansE
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      Not very still though