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  • You just can't see a dream

    G'day all

    I have no idea as to why someone would plonk a handful of comments onto a street sign - but as my Mum used to say "there is no accounting for some tastes"

    As always, feedback welcome
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    Perhaps part of the reason is that "respect" has almost disappeared. I'm sure that wasn't around when I was a kid. We were too scared we'd get a good hiding - perhaps that is a partly why it occurs.
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    • Ozzie_Traveller
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      Perhaps - I remember (from thousands of years ago) doing stuff I knew wasn't approved of my my mother!!
      I also wonder why someone would have a commercially made up stamp with that text in it - and what it means anyway

    • K1W1
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      This sort of thing has been common in Melbourne since I moved here in the mid 1980s. Generally the stencil signs are promoting a band or some sort of entertainment.
      You don’t need a commercial stencil. I kids stencil set with the letters cut out and taped back together in the correct order plus a spray can are all that is required. You can see in a couple where they have sprayed over the edges of the cardboard.