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  • Music makers, The Desperados ... the Eagle's Show

    G'day all

    Back in November we went to a local club for an "evening with the Eagles" tribute band. My partner booked our tickets and knowing that I would be using the Panny FZ-300 camera, chose seats about 1/4 into the seating (for 600 people). It was beaut photographically but not acoustically -- I had major hearing issues from the n-o-i-s-e- ... it wasn't music to me, just bluddy loud noise. Because of this I have not returned to my images until now -- I just didn't want to revisit the evening

    However, the camera did its stuff, and there are some damn-fine images amongst the collection. All images are sooc JPG with no PP except reducing for internet use

    1)- Setting the scene--the group on stage

    exif- panny FZ-300; 1/125s x F2,8; ISO-1600, lens at 2x zoom / 35mm FFequiv

    2)- Singer - guitar

    exif- panny FZ-300; 1/200s x F2,8; ISO-1600, lens at 24x zoom / 600mm FFequiv

    3)- the drummer

    exif- panny FZ-300; 1/400s x F2,8; ISO-1600, lens at 24x zoom / 600mm mm FFequiv

    4)- backing guitar

    exif- panny FZ-300; 1/80s x F2,8; ISO-1600, lens at 6x zoom / 140mm mm FFequiv

    5)- strumming - note the strings ... some still, others vibrating

    exif- panny FZ-300; 1/380s x F2,8; ISO-1600, lens at 24x zoom / 600mm mm FFequiv

    6)- another strumming shot

    exif- panny FZ-300; 1/800s x F2,8; ISO-1600, lens at 24x zoom / 600mm mm FFequiv

    As always, feedback welcome
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    I can relate to these Phil, being an old fart still playing in a band. We are in agreement about the loudness of these types of gigs - totally unnecessary. Good set of pics considering the lighting.
    I'm liking the Alpine White Gibson guitar - It's a 1988 Les Paul Custom, with gold plated fittings as well - NOICE!
    You stripped the exif so I can't see what mode you were in.
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    • Ozzie_Traveller
      Ozzie_Traveller commented
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      Hi Greg

      "A" - Aperture mode @ F2,8; ISO @ 1600; EV+/- @ --0,7; s/speed allowed to wander up / down with lighting changes; lens zoomed to & fro from 3x to 24x zoom
      With PP ... none except dropping pixel size to 1000px wide for internet use with PSE Quality set for a file size around 250kb


    • Isac
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      Thanks for the settings Phil. It's funny how all do it differently but if it works, then all is good. I use only Manual, Auto ISO capped at 1600 and minimum 1/250th, centre point metering (very important). Sometimes I use AI servo Hi-Speed if the lights are changing quickly. This is all from memory, so I'll have to get some shots at our next Shadows Club gig end of February and see what comes out.

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    An excellent collection Phil. Something different and a variety of treatments in the different shots with great detail. Well done.
    Alan W

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