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  • Yellow-billed Spoonbill

    I got this one over at the wetlands today and it reminded me on what I like and what others like or dislike.
    But I think it is healthy that we all don't like the same thing and I am being totally serious here.
    I know I like shots a lot different than many or some here and I know I can look past lots of interference in and around a shot.
    I feel it adds to a shot, while some will not like those sort of shots.
    This shot is what I call more than acceptable and I think it will give everyone a little insight into what I like.
    I still like the shot than many others do like as well but I can take most types of shots.
    So I just thought I would post this so it might help in understand where I am coming from in this area.
    Click image for larger version

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    G'day mate

    You are 100% correct with your observations ... each of us has our personal 'likes' and 'dislikes' and they arrive in our brain / thinking processes via 1001 little messages and experiences
    (it's why half the nation votes for one mob and the other half votes for the other mob and the 3rd half votes for "let's just have a beer" )

    As to your pic- I reckon it's quite okay to show the bird / animal / person in their home-environment, just as well as it's fine to show a "portrait" of the bird / animal / person smiling at the camera

    > Motorhome travels outback eastern Australia much of each year
    > recent images at


    • Ralph
      Ralph commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks Phil it is one thing that I have noticed on here that this busy background and foreground isn't overly liked. But we all have got what we like and the other way around. For me I like it like this as well as the for the lack of the right words the posing shots. As I take what is in-front of me and I don't wait for it to get in the clear. So, for me it's take the shot where I see it.