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    #1 - Twenty Eight Parrot (WA)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	0720-Twenty_Eight_Parrot.jpg
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ID:	488432
    #2 - Black Fronted Dotterel
    Click image for larger version

Name:	0773-Black_Fronted_Dotterel.jpg
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ID:	488431
    #3 - Hard Head Ducklings - First hatched in the Lake this season.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	0805-Hard_Head_Ducklings.jpg
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Size:	159.4 KB
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  • #2
    Have not seen your 28 one at all but I am not sure if it is the same bird as the Port Lincoln Parrot, more than happy for them to be totally different.
    The others I have seen as we have them here also though the Hardhead you do have to get bush a little.


    • Isac
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      Hi Ralph. The 28's are only in WA and a close cousin to the Port Lincoln. The pure 28's have a green front but mixed breeds have some yellow bellow the chest, similar to the Port Lincoln.

    • Ralph
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      Thanks for that information I have looked for it but not made a real strong effort though. I would like to get both as the one Lincoln one doesn't up up this way and you know where your ones goes so that is a longer trip to get it..

    • Isac
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      The Twenty Eight parrot belongs to the genus barnardius, along with the Mallee Ringneck, Port Lincoln Parrot, and Cloncurry Parrot. They all have a green body and a yellow ring or collar around their necks and all referred to as Australian Ringnecks.

  • #3
    Good variety in this set Isac.

    #1 is an excellent pose with a good clean background but it does look a little soft. I suspect there might have been rather poor light on the bird. I'm also curious as to what the orange colour in the bg is.

    #2 is very nice with good colour. They are pretty little birds.

    #3 Good to see them breeding and ducklings always have lots of appeal. I've never seen Hardhead ducklings around here - only plenty of Pacific Black and Wood Ducks.
    Alan W

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    • Isac
      Isac commented
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      Cheers Alan. Lousy light, very dark, rainy and overcast here for the last week! The orange is a paved driveway across the road from the park.
      More babies will be arriving soon towards spring, so I hope to capture a few.