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  • The blowhole

    Nusa Dua, Bali. X100V


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    Interesting but I think it suffers from scale. It's impact hugely diminished by the wide angle.
    Better a full bottle in front of me
    than a full frontal lobotomy.


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      Cool shot. It would have been much better with a telephoto lens but that's not an option on the X100V.
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      • K1W1
        K1W1 commented
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        Thanks but “better” is an interesting choice of words and is personal.
        I deliberately displayed the photo as is to show the scale of the height of the waves by including the buildings on the left and the calm water on the right. It also reflects what people see. To me a highly zoomed in photo would be nothing other than a lot of water in the air. To me the photo is “better” as it is because that is what I wanted to show.

      • David_MC
        David_MC commented
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        That's fair, as long as your happy, that is all that matters.

        To elaborate a little further. For me, personally, all of the "empty" space just makes the wave look small. Personally, I would be tempted to turn this into a "pano" style image by cropping out most of the blue sky and most of the foreground. That brings the focus on the waves and the buildings and cliffs in the center.