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  • Battling the breeze

    G'day all

    Another windy day and this time an experimental image - in-camera bracketing with almost no EV+/- involved, but trying to create a moving image on non-moving stalks. So it's 3 exposures in immediate succession - merged into a final image


    exif- Panny FZ-300; 1/500s x F4,0, ISO-100; lens at 7x zoom / 180mm FFequiv

    As always, feedback welcome
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    I’m struggling with this one. I can’t see how merging the three images has had any effect. Wouldn’t a slower shutter speed and one image have created a more blurred effect to indicate movement on the heads of the bushes?


    • Ozzie_Traveller
      Ozzie_Traveller commented
      Editing a comment
      G'day fellas

      You both are correct in differing ways ..... yes it is an experimental shot - regular shutter speeds to avoid camera shake coz no tripod there & then, followed by the mental enquiry as to camera ops where it is merging multiple exposures back into one frame. All as a bit of fun and a 'who knows where it will end up' bit of thought


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    While I do agree with K1W1s comment, this image does give a good impression of movement to me. A different approach that works well.
    Alan W

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