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  • eastern grey kangaroo and joey

    after the sun had gone behind the hills, the kangaroos came out to graze.
    maybe about 20, but they werent really doing anything so decided this mother and baby would have to do.
    mostly head down graziing so no shot, but everytime I moved closer or improved angle up they would stand and watch closely.
    had to leave TC on to get pix cos much closer and they would have gone.
    d5 600f4 tc17 (1000mm) 1/320 f8 iso 1600. full frame
    Click image for larger version

Name:	kangaroo 7868.jpg
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    Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter

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    She certainly has her eye on you. The joey looks pretty well grown. Nice soft light on this one.
    Alan W

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      Another great photo. They are grey are they not?

      How approachable are they?

      We had a good photo session years ago at some old hospital in the Gosport area, and they were tame enough to be stoked...:-)


      • avkomp
        avkomp commented
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        Yep, eastern grey kangaroos

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      Nor really approachable but you can approach some more than others. I had a run in with a medium female that was tangled in wire. Decided to attack me when freed. Had to push her away and actually punch her until she ran off. My own fault for not backing further away probably.
      my long lens sometimes not enough to get pix. Mostly is tho
      The wallabies seem more approachable around here. Most of the stuff in here knows we come in peace.
      You not petting anything around here tho
      Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter


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        Generally too, you don't walk directly at wildlife as this can really put the wind up them. 30 to 40 degrees is good maybe less depending on circumstances.
        just have to gauge body language.
        Stephen Davey. Nikon Shooter


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          Lovely light in this one Stephen. Always nice to get a roo shot. There are 100's of these guys on golf courses, they love to get the early morning due on the fairways.
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            It took me a good while to finally get a shot like this and it took me a good time to get even closer to her when I noticed the little one was out of the pouch.
            So I would take a few steps closer and she just stood there but unlike your shots my one had to turn to see me and I wish I got her like this.
            So that is what I am after now. Great job and it is a shot I want to get myself one day as well.


            • avkomp
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              sometimes you have to let them see you or at least hear something in your direction. you risk them running off of course, but after you get the insurance pix, even stamping a foot or breaking a stick can get them looking where you want.
              when I took this, I saw them on the flat and more coming, so was moving diagonally closer to get an angle etc and they saw me, cos I wasnt in cover, but far enough away that they were slightly alert but not alarmed. with most things you can gauge how concerned they are by whether they keep watching or go back to feeding. this female was only really watching me each time I moved a bit, but otherwise feeding. the rest of the mob was just feeding.
              you hope they put on a fight or something too, for action pix, but just feeding.
              one time I got onto a mob of feral goats on here and I had used dead ground to get into ideal position on one of the billies but his head was down feeding
              and I wanted him looking at me, so after a couple of other pix, I called out baaaaaaaaaaaaa. up came his head looking right at me and I got the pix I wanted, but next second the whole mob ran off at a rate of knots. hadnt expected that.
              so the noise or sighting of you may have unexpected consequences........

            • Ralph
              Ralph commented
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              I know the dangers of these and this one knew I was there all the time as I was in the open and more than easy to see.
              My movement was slow and she was quite at ease or as well at ease as it could be with the young one.
              She moved on a short while later very slowly to the shade of a couple of tree's and laid down and rested.
              So I knew she seen me as no danger to her or her young one.
              I was please to get a few shot of her resting as well.

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            Beautiful shot.
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